Beach Petanahan Kebumen

Petanahan beach is a beach with beautiful waves, Petanahan area is very long, which is 2 km and a breadth of 72 hectares. Along the shore adorned by green pine plants Sea. In this Petanahan beach visitors can also enjoy a children’s pool, Gazebo for rest and for tourists who want to implement a spiritual […]

Reservoir and Reservoir Wadaslintang Sempor

Kebumen has two artificial reservoirs, Wadasintang Reservoir and Sempor Reservoir. These reservoirs created with the aim to provide a source of water for agricultural areas located around Wadaslintang Reservoir and Sempor Reservoir.In addition, the two reservoirs is also used for water sports, fishing and fisheries. Wadaslintang reservoir located in Padureso, about 35 km northeast side […]

Thermal Baths of Krakal

Krakal Thermal Baths are natural tourist attractions such as hot springs that are in non-volcanic areas in Krakal. This tourist place has Hot springs with a temperature of 39 degrees Celsius to 42 degrees Celsius and sulfur. So it is used by the local people for bathing and treatment of various skin diseases and rheumatism. […]

Jembangan Nature Kebumen

Jembangan Nature, natural attractions, located 15 km from Kebumen or exactly 10 km from Kutowinangun market. A natural attraction is known as Jembangan Nature, opened in september 2012. Jembangan tourist attractions include Fantasy Zoo, which has a variety of animals including snakes and other reptiles. Then along the river pejengkolan with the distance of 4 […]

Fort Van der Wijck Gombong

Fort Van der Wijck, Gombong built in the 18th century by the Dutch soldiers. It was used for defense and attack. Fort Van der Wijck consists of two parts, the top and bottom part. The bottom part of the fort is about 3606.625 m2. And the height of the castle is 9.67 m, and the […]

Cullinary Lanting, Enjoy With Your Best Coffee

Culinary Lanting, besides nature and artificial, Kebumen district has a culinary tour, the Culinary Lanting and various types of cuisine that can be enjoyed in various places in Kebumen. Lanting has savory taste that makes this food suitable for accompanying with snack, coffee or tea. Many diverse flavors derived from this lanting, savory onion flavor, […]

Enjoy the Delicious One Ambal Chicken Satay

Chicken satay skewers Ambal is famous in Kebumen. It is originally from Ambal village. Ambal satay has a distinctive taste. Ambal satay is served with a sweet seasoning paste. This Culinary often found along the southbound lanes of Central Java. Precisely in Ambal districts. Let’s eat Sate Ambal, VisitKebumen

Kuliner Khas Nasi Penggel

Penggel Rice means the clenched rice. It was certainly very tasty. Penggel rice can be found around Kebumen square in the morning or in other areas such as public roads around Mertokondo and Pejagoan. Let’s eat, VisitKebumen # There are still a lot of Tourism in Kebumen that you can consider to visit. New experiences, […]

We Also Support Playing For Change

PLAYING FOR CHANGE CHANGES LIVES, SAYING GOODBYE IS SO HARD! The family is ready to move-in and the kids are thrilled. This is the work we are here to do. This Joy business sure does warm our heart, Thank You Playing For Change for giving them continued reason to smile. No matter who you are, […]

Menerobos Kemegahan Gua Jatijajar Kebumen

Goa Jatijajar terletak di desa Jatijajar kecamatan Ayah. 42 km kearah barat kota Kebumen, atau sekitar 23 km kearah selatan dari Gombong. mencakup kawasan seluas 5,5 hektar. Obyek wisata Gua Jatijajar ini telah dilengkapi dengan prasarana wisata seperti tempat parkir, tempat bermain, kios makananan, toko cinderamata dan banyak lagi. Sendang Kantil Gua Jatijajar dan Sendang […]